Launched Brushflicks ,Nov 2016

Launched Brushflicks With Almost 600+Artists on board.

We at Brushflicks are solution providers for two major problems in our country (unemployment among the creative sector and acrylic waste management).

The main idea is to infuse creativity with technology and solve some major problems in our country.

India as we know, is a immensely rich in ¬†diverse forms of creativity. Yet the irony is millions of people ¬†in creative fields have difficulty in making their ends meet. Only a fraction of the country’s artists have made a living out of their vocation. Creativity is widely regarded as a valuable skill in the workplace. But in my observation most self described creative people have trouble finding jobs that satisfy their creative needs and also pay their living wage. Millions of artists, musicians, writers and actors are unemployed and unemployment takes a tough mental toll leading to depression and suicide. We at Brushflicks are looking at solving this problem by generating opportunities and employment for people in this sector.
Also, there is a need to connect the folk artist in the remote areas through digital technology and preserve the heritage. Empower the traditional protagonists to prosper and attract youth of our generation to continue the legacy.